TMU Excellence Scholarships

TMU Scholarships

TMU Excellence Scholarships (Fully-funded TMUES) are provided to enhance the university’s affordability and to recognize and reward prospective students’ gifts and talents.       

 TMUES are awarded to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners of the below listed international olympiads/ world championships:

  •  The World Chess Championships;
  • International Zhautykov Olympiad in Mathematics and Computer Science;
  • Balkan Mathematical Olympiad;
  • International Mathematical Olympiad;
  • International Olympiad in Informatics;
  • International STEM Olympiad;
  • and the applicants having SAT 1400+  with IELTS 7.5 minimum

 The requirement is maintaining satisfactory academic performance until graduation. The student’s GPA should not be lower than 3.3 per semester.

Participants of all the above-mentioned international tournaments and the applicants with the following qualifications are automatically admitted to the contract basis without entrance examination.

Pearson qualifications: Pearson Edexcel and Pearson BTEC International Level 3

Cambridge qualifications: IGCSE and A levels

SAT certificate (1000+)

Students with IB diploma get a 50% scholarship for the first semester and from the 2nd semester they can compete for Academic Excellence Scholarships