Student Loans

Local Students

Tashkent Metropolitan University understands the financial burden that pursuing higher education can impose on students and their families. That’s why we offer various options for our students to receive educational loans to fund their academic pursuits.

Government-supported loan program

The Government of Uzbekistan has established a program to support students in their educational pursuits. The loans are issued through local commercial banks, and the university’s administration can provide assistance to students in receiving these loans. The loans are provided on preferential terms, with an interest rate equal to the basic rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, currently at 14% APR. The loan period allows students up to seven years to repay the loan after graduation.

University assistance

Tashkent Metropolitan University is committed to supporting its students in every possible way, including helping them navigate the process of receiving educational loans. Our Academic Affairs department is available to assist students who need help with applying for and receiving these loans.

Commercial loans

Students can also choose to receive loans from commercial banks in Uzbekistan, based on the terms and conditions of the respective banks. These loans are provided on market conditions, and interest rates vary depending on the bank. Students are encouraged to contact the banks directly for more information on the terms of commercial loans.

At Tashkent Metropolitan University, we believe that financial obstacles should not hinder students’ academic goals. Therefore, we strive to provide every possible means of financial support to our students to help them succeed in their studies.