Tashkent Metropolitan University Enhances English Language Teaching in Almazar District Schools

23 Jan 2024 | Art & Humanities, News, Uncategorized

Tashkent Metropolitan University (TMU) has successfully concluded a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the teaching skills of English language educators in Almazar district, Tashkent.

In collaboration with the Almazar district administration, TMU initiated this groundbreaking project in November 2023 to elevate the standard of English language education across local schools.

The week-long seminars saw enthusiastic participation from over 300 dedicated teachers.

Led by Munisa Muhtarova, a seasoned educator with an extensive years of experience, the seminars covered a diverse range of crucial elements.

The curriculum encompassed ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) methods and approaches, along with effective strategies for teaching speaking, listening, vocabulary, reading, writing, and grammar. Additionally, the training delved into modern techniques for assessing students’ knowledge.

“This initiative reflects our commitment to empowering educators and, by extension, enriching the English language learning experience for students in Almazar district schools. Munisa Muhtarova’s wealth of experience added immense value to the seminars, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment,” stated TMU President Bekhzod Djalilov.

“As we all know, education stands as the cornerstone of any significant development; thus, by enhancing teacher competence in schools, we forge the path to a bright and prosperous future for our country. In this regard, the TET – 2023, Transforming English Teachers Program is a transformative journey designed to elevate English teachers’ instructional skills, fostering an environment where educators not only impart language skills but inspire a lifelong love for learning in their students,” noted Munisa Muhtarova.

“I am sincerely grateful to Tashkent Metropolitan University and the Almazar district administration for organizing this invaluable seminar. The insights gained, especially in ESOL methods and effective teaching strategies, are a game-changer. I am excited to implement this newfound knowledge in my classes, aiming to elevate the quality of English language education at my school. This initiative has truly empowered us, and I look forward to the positive impact it will have on our students’ learning journey,” Iroda Nosirova, English language teacher and attendee of the seminar, said.

The success of this collaboration reinforces TMU’s dedication to fostering excellence in education and promoting positive community partnerships.

TMU looks forward to continued initiatives that contribute to the professional development of educators and the overall educational landscape in Tashkent.