English Language Proficiency Test

Dear Prospective Applicants,

We understand that obtaining an English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo) can sometimes be challenging and may pose a barrier for many talented individuals aspiring to join Tashkent Metropolitan University (TMU). That is why we are pleased to announce that TMU has introduced an alternative solution to ensure equal opportunities for all prospective students.

Introducing the English Language proficiency test (ELPT), specially designed by the TMU Admission Committee for this admission year. The ELPT provides an opportunity for applicants who have not obtained the traditional English Proficiency Certificate to showcase their language skills and secure their place at TMU.

We have carefully scheduled a series of ELPT exams to accommodate your needs and preferences. Please take note of the upcoming exam dates:

        • First ELPT exam: July 24, 3 pm
        • Second ELPT exam: August 14, 3 pm
        • Third ELPT exam: August 28, 3 pm
        • Fourth ELPT exam: October 2, 3 pm

The ELPT is a FREE exam.

Don’t let the absence of an English Proficiency Certificate hinder your dreams of studying at TMU. Seize this opportunity to demonstrate your language abilities through the Internal English Proficiency Testing Exam and secure your place among our prestigious academic community.

Apply today and unlock endless possibilities at Tashkent Metropolitan University!


TMU Admission Committee