Bachelor of Arts in English Language Teaching

School of Arts and Humanities
Department of English Language Teaching

About This Program

The Bachelor of Arts in English Language Teaching is an immersive 3-year full-time program that delves into the application of language, alongside the latest developments in teaching practices.

Through this program, students will gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to create and design effective materials for language lessons, while also developing their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

This comprehensive English Language teaching program provides an excellent foundation for those who plan to pursue postgraduate teacher training and teach English as a foreign language.

Alternatively, graduates may pursue a career teaching English to children in secondary schools where English is a foreign language. This program is designed for individuals who aspire to become ELT professionals and seek to acquire a solid understanding of ELT theories.

Program Discription

Program duration

6 semesters


106 Credits

Tuition fee

10,000,000 per semester


Academic excellence (see Scholarships)

Admission requirements

IELTS 5.0 or above or entrance exam (see Admission)


Application-based (see Transfer to TMU)

Why Choose This Program?


As an English language teacher, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of your students. You can inspire them to learn a new language, broaden their perspectives, and pursue their dreams. It’s a fulfilling career that allows you to positively impact the world.

Growing Demand

The demand for qualified English language teachers is growing rapidly worldwide. Whether you want to teach in your own country or travel the world to teach, a degree in English Language Teaching will open up a world of opportunities for you.

Job Security

English language teaching is a stable career path that offers job security and competitive salaries. With a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Teaching, you’ll be qualified to teach in a variety of settings, including public and private schools, language institutes, and corporate environments.

Personal Growth

Pursuing a degree in English Language Teaching is not only a professional investment, but also a personal one. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your own language skills, expand your cultural knowledge, and gain a new perspective on the world. It’s a transformative experience that will enrich your life in countless ways.

Program Content

The courses are supported with tutorials and labs, in which students profit from intensive mentorship.

  • Integrated Skills
  • English Literature
  • ELT methods
  • Instructional Technology and Material Design
  • Assessment and Testing
  • Lesson Planning and Syllabus Design

Click here to See the Program Curriculum.

Career Opportunities

Pursuing a degree in English Language and English Language Teaching opens doors to various professional fields such as:

  • Teaching English as a foreign language
  • Administrative roles in education
  • Public relations and communications
  • Editorial, writing, and publishing work
  • Office management and administration, among others.