Academic Excellence Scholarship

TMU Scholarships
Starting from the 2nd semester, the Tashkent Metropolitan University will award scholarships to the top 42 students who achieve the highest total scores across all subjects. These scholarships will be of the same value as those awarded for the Merit Based Scholarship.

Number of students Entrance Exam Rank Scholarship Amount
2 1-2 100%
2 3-4 75%
3 5-7 50%
15 8-22 20%
20 23-42 10%

Students failing to take the exams due to mitigating circumstances because of health conditions (with submission of proof documents, subject to the decision of the Academic Affairs) may reserve a right to pretend the Academic excellence scholarships if they achieve to be among 42 top students with high Total Scores.

The number of scholarships may vary according to the number of actual students in the study semester.